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Get all of the best free source codes for your Java programming project. Many of the best Java programming tools, resources, applets, compilers and examples for your development purposes. We have all of the details of open source projects and the latest updates from

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Includes Java software downloads, programming code samples, tutorials and tools for developers, and examples of Java technology.

Free Java source code for applications, components, database programming tools, development tools and environments, text editors, toolkits, class libraries, networking programming and java servlets.

This site is dedicated to being a directory of Java source code. Why reinvent the wheel when much of the work has already been done? Source code not only provides people with the opportunity to learn from other programmers, it also promotes rapid software development by reusing code that provides all the functionality that is required. Please check the licensing of the software and source code. Some of the software may be under a GPL license and some may still be owned by the original developer.

Get the java application that is a generator for graph editors that can be used for graph datastructures. Also available is an open source java application for creating imagemaps. Components including a java bean calendar with example source, drop down calendar applet, java applet that can display either a digital or analog clock, a smooth scrolling ticker for displaying text and a component that allows multiple tabs.

Java database tools such as free SQL tester that connects to ODBC databases and executes SQL queries, a JDBC driver for the MySQL database and general purpose GUI based Sybase data editor. Java development toosl such as Open Source Java/XML application server and development environment, FREE visual programming environment based on Java technologies, 100% pure desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance and a JAVA software project providing a development environment for database applications.

We also have for java programmers a powerful 100% pure text editor designed for programmers with both applet and application versions and a Java base64 encoder and decoder. Lots of different class libraries and toolkits including a Java toolkit and library containing high performance data structures and algorithms, a toolkit that provides much of the functionality required to write games and a java PDF library to generate PDF documents.

For networking we also have a collection of small classes to perform various network tasks such as TimeFetch, DNS, Finger, Whois and a simple FTP client. Also a complete http client library that implementes most of the relevant parts of the HTTP protocols and an open source server supporting servlets and JSP.

Official Java site from Sun features development resources, tutorials, community support, programming documentation, training, news and much more. Many resources for improving and complementing your Java, J2EE and C++ programming skills and techniques. We also have Java development training and online programming classes and video tutorials. Get what you need to auto-generate and compile Java class files from XML schemas. However you code, Oracle JDeveloper will make you more productive.



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